We aim to restore dignity in refugee camps by providing personal showers to all residents

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Our Beginning

WeWash took root in an interdisciplinary class at the University of Southern California called “engineering design for global challenges” wherein five students from engineering and business backgrounds went on a research trip to refugee camps in the Greek island of Lesvos to find a problem to work on design solutions for it over the course of 10 months. During the trip, they found that available shower facilities inside the camps are scarce, which leads to refugees not being able to keep themselves clean, and therefore constant outbreaks of contagious skin diseases, lowered self esteem and a lack of dignity overall. Women and children are also at a constant risk of violence and sexual assault whenever they walk to the showers and while using the facilities due to overcrowding and a lack of privacy.


“Having a safe place to shower should be a basic human right.”

— Bernard amadei, founder of engineers without borders

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Our Mission

Our world has reached a record high of forced displacement, and for 68 million people the basic needs for survival are in serious question. We can’t solve all the problems, but we want to provide some relief in the journey of refugees by restoring their dignity and giving them a safe place where they can take care of their hygienic needs. To address this concern, WeWash seeks to provide a low-tech, modular and simple to construct shower facility that requires no tools.

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Our Desired Impact

  • Increased access to showering by 300%

  • Elimination of contagious skin diseases caused by not showering

  • Increased sense of safety for women and children

  • Restored dignity and improvement in confidence

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Get Involved

We are currently searching for investments from impact investors, donors, philanthropists and foundations to help us build the first set of showers to pilot them in the Olive Grove, Moria camp (Lesvos, Greece), to eventually also provide them to other refugee camps that are affected with the same problem. If you believe in our mission and impact, click below to find out how you can contribute to changing the lives of countless displaced people.

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